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Resources & Links

Pet Poison Helpline website

Veterinary Partner: a great source for reliable veterinary information

American Heartworm Society

Pet Health Network: answers from veterinarians about your pet’s health, behavior, and care

Worms & Germs Blog: This site focuses on infectious diseases of companion animals, with an emphasis on zoonotic diseases – diseases that can be transmitted from animals to people.

Pet Weight Control: obesity facts and risksImaging4Pets: supporting Veterinarians through Diagnostic ImagingVetzlife Dental Care:  very effective and easy to use, just a few sprays every night before bedtime on your pet’s gumlines and the Vetzlife works all night reducing tartar build-up and eliminating bad breath!

Companion Therapy Laser: learn about laser therapy

Home Again: info on microchipping your pet

Dog Related Links:

Canine Influenza

Leptospirosis: (lepto for short) is a growing concern for dog owners throughout the United States, including cities, suburbs and rural areas. treating and managing heart disease in dogs.

Pet Health Network: protect your dog from ticks and diseases

Cat Related Links:

Cornell Feline Health Center

Dental disease information for pet owners

Diabetes in cats

Feline Asthma

Pet Insurance

VPI Pet Insurance

Petfirst Insurance

Petshealth Care plan

Healthy Paws Insurance

Embrace Pet insurance: contact Embrace Pet Insurance for your special code and start learning about the right insurance plan for your pet today!