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Looking for a new vet can be confusing, and often you will have many questions. We at Willard Veterinary Clinic are here to answer them. If you have a question that is not listed here please call or complete our online contact form.

What are your hours?

Please visit our Location & Hours page to view hours of operation.

What is the environment of your clinic?

At Willard Veterinary Clinic, you will find yourself in an incredibly low stress environment. Some practices will see as many as 10 patients an hour. At our clinic we see no more than three patients an hour. We have large exam rooms, to recreate a familiar experience for your pet. This often helps many animals that are nervous or easily excitable because they do not feel threatened by a tight space. This allows us to comprehensively attend to your pet’s medical needs. Checkout is smooth and hassle free.

Why don't you offer package deals for Vaccines?

The truth is many vaccine package deals are designed to make money, not protect your pet. We tailor vaccinations to meet your pet’s lifestyle, weighing all risks and benefits. We follow the recommendations of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the American Association of Animal Hospitals (AAHA). We strive to use the safest vaccine combinations possible to minimize the risks of reactions or side effects.

What type of vaccines do you use?

Over the years, we have had experience with most available vaccines. Our current vaccines have been proven to cause the least amount of vaccine-related reactions while giving the trusted immunity. These vaccines often cost a little bit more, but most clients agree that the safety of their pet is the most important issue.

What do I do when my pet is sick?

Call us at (617) 773-6565 , we can advise you if you should come in right away, or schedule an appointment. We leave many slots open every day for just emergency calls. In the event of a catastrophic accident we can direct you to emergency care units or advise you on a course of action.

How experienced is your staff?

Our doctors have a total combined experience of more than 50 years in veterinary medicine. When you become a client, we try to schedule your pet’s appointments so that you will meet each of our doctors. This is done so that you will be familiar and comfortable with each member of our medical staff. If you decide that you like a particular veterinarian, we will try to schedule your future appointments with that doctor.

How are you priced?

Our focus is on the value of our medical care. In order to offer quality medical care and advice, it is necessary to spend quality time with each client. Coupled with a medical plan catered to each individual pet’s needs, you can be assured that you will not spend your money on unneeded goods or services. We are especially tough on over vaccination. We also have no hidden costs like disposable waste fees or new client record charges that many veterinary practices charge.

Why should I spay or neuter my dog/cat at your clinic as opposed to elsewhere?

We may not be as inexpensive as the spay clinics, but we approach each surgical procedure on an individual basis. We never do assembly line surgeries, and when we quote a price, it is supported by a written medical plan. Our patients receive real surgical care, such as intravenous fluids, EKG (heart rate and respiration), oxygen, co2, and blood pressure monitoring. That level of care is often reserved for Human operations. There are no hidden costs such as anesthesia, hospitalization, nursing care, or hazardous waste disposal fees. To learn more about this, please visit our our spay/neuter page.

Do you do dentals?

Yes, absolutely. We provide a high level of dental care. We use gas anesthesia, which is much safer. Just as with our spay/neuters our patients receive real surgical care, such as intravenous fluids, EKG (heart rate and respiration), oxygen, co2, and blood pressure monitoring. We are one of the few Clinics that have a dental X-ray machine just like a human dentist. Please visit our dental service page to learn more.

What general surgial procedures do you offer?

Check out our pet surgery page for more information.

Do you take payment plans?

We accept all major credit cards and CareCredit. We also accept cash, or checks with a valid ID. We do not provide financing. Learn more >

What is a Hot Dog Warming blanket and why does it matter?

All chemical reactions are affected by temperature. If we lose as little as a few degrees the animal may have drastically different reaction. Our blankets are made with special carbon fiber weave to evenly disperse heat. With a standard coil and cloth blanket they create hot spots that can easily burn your pet. This is especially important in small animals, as they lose heat the quickest.

I read on-line that Willard Vet was expensive, is this true?

In short, NO! Some practices operate like a grocery store and offer low prices for frequently shopped items (vaccines, exams, spays/neuters) and tend to overcharge on non shopped items (Blood tests, Medications, Surgeries, Emergencies). Some practices operate like a fast food chain and try to persuade you to purchase more than your pet requires (non essential vaccines, blood tests, medications). At Willard Veterinary Clinic you can count on consistent high quality care catered specifically to your pet without having to worry about any unnecessary recommendations. We save each of our clients their hard earned money by not over-prescribing and maintaining a consistent fair pricing through our offerings, Our programs are very competitively priced. Willard Veterinary Clinics programs have been designed to be one of the most cost effective preventative care plans for the life of your pet.

How long should I expect my appointment to be?

Our appointments range from 15 minutes to 30 minutes depending on the appointment time and what the appointment is for. This is a general rule but does vary because we assess each pet on a case by case basis, so sometimes these appointments can run longer when your pet needs more time! This general rule is also why we encourage our clients to arrive for their appointment a little early to make sure they are getting as much quality time with our staff as possible. Being 10 minutes late or more is a big detriment to your appointment time so if you are going to be late definitely give us a call as we may have to reschedule you.