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At Willard Veterinary Clinic we believe that an educated owner, is our patient's best advocate to prevent and care for illness. Pets depend on us to work as a team for better Health.

Dog and Cat Clinic Services for Boston and South Shore Pets

Our range of services include preventative care such as annual examinations, spay and neuter services, pet vaccinations, professional dental care, heartworm prevention, flea and tick control, and microchip identification implantation.

As one of the premier dog and cat clinics serving the Greater Boston and South Shore areas, Willard Veterinary Clinic in Quincy offers quality medical care to the surrounding communities of Dorchester, Milton, Braintree, Weymouth, Canton, Randolph, Hingham, Abington, Hanover, and Rockland. For more than 20 years, our pet vet team has provided experienced outpatient medical and pet wellness care, general surgery and dental services to South Shore pets. At Willard Veterinary Clinic, we are confident you will find a vet who is the right fit for your pet.

Our veterinarian can create customized preventive healthcare programs to meet your pet's needs. We are confident our small pet vet team is committed to providing advanced, compassionate care. Rest assured, from spay and neuter services and pet vaccinations to geriatric care, are all of the highest Quality and Value. As your veterinarian we utilize our veterinary experience and close relationship with your pet to guide you in making the best choices for your pet.

At Willard Veterinary Clinic, you will find a vet whose skills, experience and commitment are a match for your pet's medical and wellness care needs. We want your family to think of us as your Quincy animal clinic. Our small animal wellness care programs are geared to all life stages. Our pet vet team is available to answer your questions and accommodate your pet's needs.We invite you to schedule an appointment today so you can meet our dedicated and experienced staff.

At Willard Veterinary Clinic, we are dedicated to providing high quality veterinary care with compassionate and personalized service. Call us today at 617.845.0730 to schedule an appointment for your pet.

Warning: Canine Influenza Outbreak in Essex County

We don't want to panic people but 4 cases of Canine Influenza have been detected in Essex County in Mass. Just like swine flu jumped from pigs to humans, Canine influenza jumped from horses to dogs.

It has been traveling up and do Route 95 along the east coast and has reached Massachusetts.

It is only a risk for dogs in concentrated areas ie day care, boarding, dog parks. Like many flu viruses. The problem is that it is contagious for 7-10 days before they show signs of cough or trouble breathing.

By the time coughing begins they are unlikely to be contagious. For some dogs it is mild and no problem but some dogs get pneumonia and need supportive hospital care. The vaccine is a series of 2 and if your kennel or groomer now requires it, call your veterinarian. It will lower the severity of illness.

Once it gets into a kennel it needs to be completely disinfected and no dogs can be housed there for approximately 2 weeks.